Our Values

Tastes good—feels good

At Eating Well Organics, we're obsessed with good food—but we also believe 'good' goes far beyond taste. That's why 15 years ago, we started with a simple mission: to find food we feel good about eating, too. We just didn't think it should be hard to find food that balances quality, sustainability, taste, and cost. So, we worked with local farmers and producers to create a company that provides just that. At Eating Well Organics, we deliver pasture-raised meat and fresh, in-season vegetables at affordable prices. Our stock changes with the seasons, and we refuse to cut corners. If we're not happy with a product, you won't see it in our shop until we are. We would rather have an item show as "out of stock", than sell something that's out of character for us. Why? Because everything we crave and have come to expect from our food, goes into everything we bring to the table.

We start with sustainable farming

Enter Your HeadingYou've probably heard, "you are what you eat." The same is true for plants and animals. When plants and animals are healthy, there's simply no need for artificial hormones and antibiotics. Our farmers work with nature—not against it—and employ time-tested methods that yield the best results. They practice regenerative soil management and reject the use of fertilizers, pesticides, and other chemicals, so none of that ever makes it into the food we offer. After all, "you are what you eat!"

We specially select breeds

Remember when we said we refuse to cut corners? That includes our cuts of meat, too. We constantly work with our farmers to select specific breeds of animals that thrive under our sustainable farming conditions and Canadian climate. Our beef is sourced from Black Angus, Irish Black, and Speckled Park; our pigs are traditional heritage breeds, like Berkshire or Tamworth; our chickens are Chantecler, Barred Rock, Jersey Giant. Our vegetables are always non-GMO, and in most cases, heirloom varieties. Whatever you’re shopping for, when you choose product from Eating Well Organics, you’re getting ingredients of the utmost quality that’s sourced ethically.

We support family farms—not factories

We strongly believe small-scale farming is the most sustainable way to produce food. Unfortunately, farming is not easy, and hard work is not always rewarded! Small-scale farmers are often forced out of business by mass-production—and we don't think that's right. We work with a dozen (and counting) local farmers within 100km of the Kitchener-Waterloo Region. Ranging from 1 acre to 100 acres, our farmers have complete control to produce what they know grows best on their land. True sustainability also means building sustainable communities. That's why we believe in fair prices for EVERYONE: the farmers, the butcher, and of course, our customers. We negotiate our prices upfront directly with our farmers so that they feel supported while producing your food. When you buy from Eating Well Organics, you also directly support farming communities. Your purchases help Canadian farmers thrive and continue to produce food we can all feel good about.

Slow food—not fast food

One of our fundamental principles of farming is to grow our produce and livestock slowly. By selecting the right varieties and breeds, we let things grow at a natural pace. Our animals typically take twice as long to become market ready compared to mass-produced grocery store variety. This is very important to organic farming as it ensures the animal has developed a proper bone structure and texture in the meat – resulting in real eating quality and reducing the need for chemical supplements. We are true believers in the Slow Food movement, a grassroots organization that is the alternative to fast food. One of the goals of the Slow Food movement is to encourage farming characteristics in line with the local ecosystem. The Slow Food motto is ‘Good, clean and fair” - a sentiment we couldn’t agree more with.

Eat less meat

It may sound ironic coming from a company that sells cuts of meat, but we believe cutting down the amount of meat we eat can benefit everyone. Why? As a society, we've become detached from how long it takes to produce the meat we eat. Many companies have been forced to adopt mass-production—and the practices that come with it—simply to keep up with mass-consumption. If we all just slow down a little, we can ensure things are done the right way. Until then, we'll lead the way…slowly.

Thoughtful packaging

We wish we could do away with packaging altogether, but that isn't realistic—yet. Today, we’re proud that our shopping bags are bio-degradable, and the freezer bags are 100% recyclable. We are constantly looking for ways to reduce our environmental footprint, and we encourage our customers to reuse packaging. Providing organic produce and quality cuts of meat means finding ways to get them to you while they’re as fresh as possible. We do not use any chemicals to wash our produce, and all our meat is flash-frozen to lock in flavour.