Our Story

Our family has been purchasing our meats and produce directly from farmers across Ontario for over 15 years. We started with a quest to explore what our local farms had to offer. We found that the variety, nutrition and taste available year-round was astounding. We also learned about the incredible efforts of small-scale family run farms. These farmers were committed to raising their animals the right way – without shortcuts, chemical free and the way nature intended. Every farmer we work with offers only pasture-raised meats and organically grown produce. The animals are raised as humanely as possible which results in a healthier animal. And of course there are never any chemicals introduced. Not only while raising the animals or growing the produce but also during processing and packaging.

Over the years we’ve found many farmers that we trust to feed our family and friends. We wanted to showcase the farmers offerings and highlight the importance of seasonal eating. Seasonal eating means we purchase and eat what’s in season. In this way we continue to eat local and fresh foods and support our farmers all year long. Support for our farmers means fair wages for their amazing efforts which in turn results in support for local communities. Rewarding the farmers for their efforts also leads to reinvestments into better products and increased biodiversity.

With Eating Well Organics, we hope to bring our farmers’ amazing efforts to more consumers. We hope to educate our customers on the importance and value of local and seasonal eating, the variety of products available to us in our own backyard, the concept of nose-to-tail eating and a general awareness of the process of how our food comes to be.